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Energy Efficiency | EnergyScore® Blog

COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Funding

COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Funding April 16, 2020 - COVID-19 has marred our 10th year here at EnergyScore with the most difficult times for our industry. From a business-only perspective our clients have two major issues: Idle workers & low cash flow. You must be ready when the economy restarts, but there will be little time or revenue to train, certify, or recertify, to meet program requirements. Therefore, we are offering three solutions to help...... [Read More]

Announcing EnergyScore® Classifieds; Energy Industry Jobs & Equipment

EnergyScore Classifieds; Energy Auditing Jobs and used energy auditing equipment We are pleased to announce a Free service called EnergyScore® Classifieds to help facilitate the job-search process and promote the energy efficiency industry. Companies often ask us to recommend our recently trained energy auditing students who are certified as BPI Building Analysts, Envelope Professionals, Heating Professionals, Multifamily Building Analysts, Infiltration and Duct Leakage professionals. Further, ..... [Read More]

What is an Energy Audit? ....the Basics

Retrotec Q46 Blower Door for SaleAn energy audit is a top to bottom assessment of a building's current energy usage and potential for energy savings. It should be the first step to making a property more efficient and reducing energy consumption. An energy audit is like a physical for your home. Since not all properties are the same the energy audit steps back and looks at the big picture of energy use and waste in this property. The national standard for a complete and proper... [Read More]

Consumer Reports article on Energy Auditing

Retrotec Q46 Blower Door for SaleIn it's latest issue, Consumer Reports says what savvy homeowners already know: "Watch out for: Fly-by-night companies "blow and go" is the industry term - who charge a hefty fee for an audit, promise major upgrades, then disappear. Choose a contractor certified by the Building Performance Institute. They're required to do an... [Read More]

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