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BPI Certification - Question & Answer

Where do you Train & Proctor Exams?

The short answer is Anytime/Anywhere. Although located in Maryland, USA we training and remotely test nationally in the US and Canada. We can also ship equipment if needed for testing.

When I enroll do I use the Students name or Mine?

Login using the student's first & last name, email and shipping address. 

I Want to Sign-up Multiple Employees for a Course, What do I do?

Since each student will have their own unique student portal they must be registered independently. Add their contact information, shipping address and check-out one by one. As soon as you check-out they will have instant access. The add the second student. 

How many Questions are on the BPI exams?

The answer varies by certification. Generally your first BPI certification exam will be 100 questions. Any subsequent BPI Certification exams will be 50 questions.

How long does it take to get the exam results?

Online "written" exam results are available immediately through the web-based testing interface. Field exam are proctored live via iPad and results are submitted at the end of the exam. Those results may be available instantly as well, but could take 24 hours from BPI. You may receive an email from BPI that your test results are available. Enter the EnergyScore® Portal and click "view test results" for instructions on how to access your test results.

What score do I need to pass the exams?

Generally an overall score of 70% or higher on the online and field exams is required to pass. 65% on MultiFamily Building Analyst. 100% on the 5 gated items for the Building Analyst - Tech field test.

Are your instructors certified in the areas they are teaching? Are you trainers also BPI proctors?

Yes, of course. All our instructors are BPI certified in the areas they teach, frankly we don't understand how one could teach material they have not yet mastered themselves. All our trainers are also BPI field and written proctors.

If there a Training Guarantee?

Yes! All EnergyScore® Courses are Guaranteed - we will Re-Train you for Free if you are unsuccessful on any tests.  

What if I fail an exam?

Your success depends on a number of factors including experience, math aptitude, mastery of the material and your preparation for the exams.  We have a very high 1st time pass rate in excess of 87% and our curriculum has been tested on many thousands of students. If you're unsuccessful in taking any BPI exams we allow you to retake the entire class for free. We do charge a test fee since we are charged a test fee by BPI. You may challenge the exam six times per year.

How many tests are there to become BPI certified?

It varies by course, see the what's included part of each course page. Generally you are required to pass 1 exam for entry level courses and 2 exams for the more advance courses. Exams are the online "written" exam &/or the field exam. All our courses include everything need to pass including training, proctored exam(s), test fees, quizzes etc.  When shopping with our competitors please make sure that their classes include both written and field tests (and test fees) because some of these costs are substantial.

How come some other training center's prices seem cheaper?

That is easy, they don't include everything needed. Many of the other test centers do not include all the required tests to become BPI certified or the test fees. Some just provide training and can't proctor exam because they are not certified themselves. While others only include the written exams. We include all training and all proctored exams; the online exam and/or the field exam.

I am a BPI certified Building Analyst and/or Envelope Professional and have been so for years. What do I need to do to get re-certified?

The Building Analyst/Envelope Professional sunsetted in 2023 and became the Building Analyst - Tech & Building Analyst - Pro. We can also proctor your BPI re-certification exam(s). The type of exam required depends on how many CEUs you have and work experiance. With enough CEUs the written exam may be reduced or eliminated and with enough field experience the field exam may also be waived. Please see our re-certification prep page for more information on BPI CEU packages to bypass the exam(s)!.

When can I take my re-certification exam(s)?

Certified individuals may take the required exams for renewal up to six (6) months prior to their date of expiration. The renewed certification period begins with the date of expiration of the candidate’s initial certification. We can remotely proctor your re-certification exams with no travel expense.

How many certifications can I get in a week?

Well prepared students may complete two certifications in a week.  For example the BPI Building Analyst - Tech & BPI Building Analyst - Pro may be completed in a week. Often people select our bundle to save and meet local program requirements. You may also complete the BPI Heating Professional and BPI AC/Heat Pump in a week, budle to save and take only one combined field test.

Is there any reading and studying I can do before showing up to class?

Yes. After registering for the class you'll instantly have access to that course standards and online supplemental content. That content varies by certification/bundle and may include quizzes, on-demand classroom training videos, on-demand field training videos, industry standards etc.

Are there discounts for larger classes?

Yes, email or call for 5+ person discounts. We often work nationally with efficiency programs, WAP programs, Utilities and City/State governments to train their staff. 

Are there any additional fees, other than class fees, to become BPI certified?

No. All fees are included in the cost of the class including BPI written and field testing fees as appropriate.

Do you provide BPI practice test questions?

Yes as part of the course you'll receive practice test questions for preparation your BPI certification exam(s) at the end of each chapter. Additionally the are supplemental online materials. Those materials vary by class/bundles and can include quizzes, on-demand field training videos, shipped books and online classroom training videos.

When will my tests be scheduled?

Your test(s) will be scheduled by you, early the week of the class. We will send you a calendar link to pick your test time slot. Generally we have availability late the week of your class. Please note that all field tests are one-on-one with an EnergyScore proctor. You only need to be available during your test time slot. A sample schedule is listed on each course page. 

If you enrolled in testing only you'll receive the above calendar link upon check-out. 

What kind of equipment will we use in the class? Do we need to own any equipment?

Course equipment varies by course and is listed on each course page. Scroll to the 2nd section under "Use the Newest Industry Equipment". And yes all of our equipment is due new and is constantly updated.

When we do our field test can I use my equipment?

Sure, we have seen it all. If you're familiar with certain equipment and would like to use that equipment during your field test you are welcome and frankly we highly recommend it. Don't make your field test harder by using someone else's gear. Our proctors are capable of testing on all major brands of equipment.