EnergyScore to provide Free BPI Energy Auditor Training

EnergyScore Selected to provide BPI Certification training to DC area residents
May 2
The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) has selected EnergyScore to provide four different EnergyScore® BPI Certification and NABCEP Photovoltaic trainings for free. District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs), CBE-eligible firms, and their employees will be first in line! These courses are identical to our regular class except they are, wait for it, FREE to DC area residents and companies. Apply here to get approved 1st.... Here are the links to the courses offered;

  1. BPI Building Science Principles (BSP) - Online Training & Certificate Testing  (On-Demand)
  2. BPI MultiFamily Building Analyst Training & Proctored Certification Testing
  3. BPI Building Analyst - Tech Training & Proctored Certification Testing
  4. NABCEP PV Associate Training

Space is limited so register now to reserve your spot.