$350 Off Maryland BPI Certification Training

EnergyScore and Civic Works are pleased to offer reduced cost BPI Energy Auditor Certification Training and testing. The cost of this training is being supported with grant funds from Civic Works. Grantees must be residents of Maryland. Funds are limited and will be gone soon. We always sell out, so please act quickly.
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How to register for your EnergyScore® Training Classes;

Step 1 - MD residents may register & pay for their EnergyScore® Live Anywhere Training Class(es) listed below.
Step 2 - Select from these elidible EnergyScore® BPI Training classes;

Step 3
- Submit the following TWO (2) forms to Civic Works.
Step 4 - Civic Works will contact you to confirm that your application is complete and confirm your $350 grant award if you are eligible. Note: employed Maryland residents are eligible while grant funds last.
Step 5 - Take your EnergyScore® BPI Energy Auditing Training Class(es).
Step 6 - Upon completion get $350 per attendee. Submit the Civic Works Training Reimbursement Form.
Step 7 - Please note this grant is, of course, not guaranteed until approved by CW and completion of required forms.