BPI Building Analyst - Pro (BA-P) Certification  Training

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Types of house roofs
Air Conditioner Compressors
Net wall area calculation


On-Demand Instant Access Content!
  • All Our Instructors with decades of industry experience, and are BPI certified in the content they teach
  • 9 hrs of On-Demand Classroom Training
  • Free access to 5 online BPI Building Analyst-Pro (BA-P) quizzes (take multiple times to prep!)
  • Included Live Remote Proctored BA-P Online "Written" Exam (1) with instant scoring!
  • 2.5 BPI CEU's (Continuing Education Units)
  • Bundle with the (Pre or Corequisite) Building Analyst - Tech Training & Building Science Principles Training and Save +$400!
  • The BSP + BAT + BAP Bundle includes all exams!
  • The Building Analyst-Pro Job Task Analysis (JTA) review

What's Covered:

On-Demand Comprehensive Training & Testing!
  • The BPI Building Analyst-Pro (BA-P) Standards and concepts
  • Course Introduction - EnergyScore & Objectives
  • BPI Overview & the BPI Certifications
  • The Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) Test requirements
  • The Building Analyst-Pro Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  • Evaluation of Thermal Boundaries & Pressure Boundaries
  • Using Infrared, Vapor Barriers
  • Conditioned vs Unconditioned vs Unintentionally Conditioned Spaces
  • The Baseline, Baseload, Seasonal & Peak Load
  • Is it safe, How could it be better?
  • Dissecting Energy Usage 
  • Evaluating Attic & Fan Ventilation Systems & Flow rate
  • Evaluating Distribution Systems & Unit Flow rates
  • Moisture Issues, Mold, Radon, Lead, Asbestos, CO, CO2, NO2
  • Evaluating Combustion Safety Testing Data vs Standards
  • Evaluating Blower Door Testing Data vs Standards
  • Energy Modeling - SIR, ROI, Payback, Net Present Value
  • Cost Estimating to support Saving To Investment Ratio (SIR)
  • Work Scope Development

What is the BPI Building Analyst - Pro (BA-P) Certification?

Our EnergyScore® BPI Building Analyst-Pro (BA-P) Certification Training is the next step to advance your career as an Energy Auditor. This course builds on the successful completion of the Building Analyst-Tech and continues the study of the Building Analyst Standards - ANSI/BPI 1200.

We will cover a BPI Overview, BPI Certifications and what is on the Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) online exam. We review the Building Analyst-Pro Job Task Analysis (JTA), which specifically outlines the topics you will be tested on and then systematically go thru those.

Those topic include, evaluation of thermal boundaries & pressure boundaries, using infrared as a tool, vapor barriers, conditioned vs unconditioned vs unintentionally conditioned spaces, the baseline, baseload, seasonal & peak loads, is the building safe, and how could it be better? Dissecting energy usage, evaluating attic & fan ventilation systems, fan flow rate, evaluating distribution systems & unit flow rates, moisture issues, mold, radon, lead, asbestos, CO, CO2, NO2, evaluating combustion safety testing data vs standards, evaluating blower door testing data vs standards, energy modeling, SIR, ROI, payback, net present value, cost estimating to support economic evaluation, saving to investment ratio (SIR), work scope development. Our EnergyScore® BPI Building Analyst-Tech is a prerequisite. This course maybe bundled with the Building Analyst-Tech & Building Science Principles. Well prepared students may complete these courses in one week.

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