BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector Certification Training

  • Required    Included    Optional
  • Prerequisite: The HEP Energy Auditor Certification
  • 1 day of Live Training!
  • 1 day of Proctored Testing
  • Instant Access BPI Standards - Prep Now!
  • Instant Access Quizzes 
  • Remote Proctored Online "written" Exam (1)  
  • 2 BPI CEUs | 8 hours
  • Shipped Materials
  • Guaranteed - We Re-Train for Free


Live Instruction Plus Instant Online Content
  • All our Instructors have decades of industry experience, and are BPI certified in the content they teach & proctor
  • This Course may be Taken and Tested from Anywhere!
  • 1 Day of Live Remote Instructor led Classroom Training
  • 1 Day of Proctored Testing, select your date!
  • 265 Slide Bound Training Materials Shipped
  • 100's of EnergyScore® Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Sample Test Questions - Completed in Class
  • Live Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Online "written" Exam with instant scoring!
  • 2 BPI CEU's (Continuing Education Credits)

What's Covered:

Live Comprehensive Training & Testing!
  • The BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Standards and Concepts
  • Introduction to BPI
  • The History of Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP)
  • House as a System
  • Monitoring & Inspection
  • Interpreting Infrared
  • In-Progress Monitoring
  • Desk Monitoring
  • Building Assessment
  • Report Writing

Use the Newest Industry Equipment:

Learn, Practice & Test on the best!
  • The BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI) no longer has a field training/testing component but the following equipment is discussed:
  • The new Retrotec DM32X digital two channel pressure gauge
  • SmartCloth panel door with adjustable aluminum enclosure
  • Retrotec 340 DucTester package 
  • Combustion analyzer, UEI C161
  • Combustible gas leak detector with LEL, Sensit HXG-2D
  • Pressure Pan, Fan Flow Device, Combustion Mirror, etc.


  • Sample Schedule; 
  • Before Class - Study the Standards!
  • Day 1: 8:30am - 4pm - Live Classroom Training via Zoom
  • Day 2: 1pm - Remote Proctored HEP QCI Online Exam, select your date!

What is the BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Certification?

Learn BPI HEP Quality Control Inspector (QCI) Monitoring and Inspection techniques, covering desktop inspections, in-progress inspections, and Monitoring Visits. Explore the history and evolution of Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP). Discuss inspection methods for Hydronic, Steam, CAZ Testing, Test Equipment, and Water efficiency, etc. The EnergyScore® BPI HEP Energy Auditor course is a prerequisite 

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