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BPI Heating Professional Training

EnergyScore® BPI Heating Professional Training Class

3 Day EnergyScore® BPI Heating Professional Certification Training Class;

  • EnergyScore, Inc is a BPI Test Center and our in-house Proctors provide both BPI written and field exams
  • All our instructors are, of course, BPI certified in the content they teach with decades of industry experience
  • Worth 6 BPI CEU's continuing education credits
  • 1 day of Live Heating Professional Classroom Training for BPI Certification
  • Live remote online training options available via our video conferencing interface
  • 1 day of Live Heating Professional Field Training for BPI Certification
  • Free Access to our EnergyScore® Online BPI Field Training videos to supplement our live training
  • Previous BPI Building Analyst Certification is required (Building Analyst Certification class maybe taken concurrently)
  • A Full copy of the presentation materials for note taking
  • Sample EnergyScore® Heating Professional test questions
  • Proctored online BPI Heating Professional written exam with instant scoring by BPI!
  • Proctored BPI Heating Professional Field Certification test with 24hr scoring!
  • $200 off when you combine this class with another EnergyScore® Training Class. Take only take one combined Field Test! With two BPI certifications a company may apply to become a BPI GoldStar Contractor.
  • Background on Local Home Performance with Energy Star and energy efficiency programs.
  • One on one Field examinations will be held in the order of registration so register now to be done early!
Includes instruction on;
  • The BPI Heating Professional Standards and concepts
  • Learn Combustion Safety Testing utilizing Combustion analyzer, Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, Combustible Gas Leak Detector, Digital Manometer and Infrared Camera
  • Field review of Blower Door Testing and concepts, Building Airflow Standard
  • Field review of Pressure Boundaries
  • Field review Zone Testing
  • Pressure Pan testing
  • Air Sealing & Insulation concepts and techniques
  • Learn Duct Blaster Testing; Subtraction method, Duct leakage and Duct Leakage to the Outside
  • Heating System testing including Forced Air, Boilers and Steam, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Water Heater system types and configurations
  • BPI Heating Professional inspection criteria including limit switches, efficiency testing, heat rise, heat exchanger inspection, duct sealing, distribution efficiency, seasonal efficiency, heat load calculations, duct sizing and inspection
  • Field review of CAZ Testing

You will be trained on, and use, the following equipment (Depending on the course selected);

  • Retrotec Q46 blower door with DM-32 digital two channel pressure sensor with cruise control, and cloth panel door with adjustable aluminum enclosure and Retrotec 2000 fan. For more information on this unit click here.
  • Retrotec DU200 DucTester package with DM-32 digital two channel pressure sensor with cruise control, and Low flow fan, carrying case, click here.
  • Carbon Monoxide analyzer, UEI CO91. For more information on this unit click here.
  • Combustion analyzer, UEI C155. For more information on this unit click here.
  • Combustible gas leak detector, UEI CD100A. For more information on this unit click here.
  • Digital Manometer, Retrotec DM-32. For more information on this unit click here.
  • FLIR/Extech i5 compact infrared camera and general-purpose Thermographic imager (only the basics, this is not required for the BPI exam). For more information on this unit click here.

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