Exam - BPI HEP Energy Auditor Field Exam

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What's Included:

Proctored Testing
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  • Live Proctored Field Exam
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Available Exams:

Available Anytime/Anywhere Live Field Exams;
  • For Live HEP Energy Auditor Field Exam only


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What is the HEP Energy Auditor Field Exam?

The BPI HEP Energy Auditor Field Exam is a live, in-person, proctored BPI HEP Field Exam. This exam is required to be in-person and may not be proctored remotely. EnergyScore® will provide a BPI approved test house or we can also help facilitate BPI approval of your site. You may use your own equipment (recommended) or equipment provided by us. We proctor these tests weekly, and you may select your test date upon checkout.

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