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Online BPI Building Analyst Field Training

BPI Online Field Training, Building Analyst | EnergyScore® - Trailer from EnergyScore on Vimeo.

Our online BPI Building Analyst Field Training. Comprehensive four part BPI Energy Auditor Field training for BPI Certification. Training videos include Exterior Inspection, Interior Inspection, Blower Door Testing & Combustion Safety Testing. All training includes new CO standards released in 2014/2017. Watch as many times as you like on most any device. When you're done we offer remote BPI Written & Field Testing or BPI Re-certification Testing nationwide. We also offer live BPI training courses to supplement this online training. Online students receive a $350 credit towards live training if later requested!

30 day rental on most any device; computer, iPhone, Android, iPad, Play Station, X-box, Apple TV, Google TV, Smart TV

Live BPI Certification Training Locations

Includes Four Training Videos;

  1. Exterior Inspection
  2. Interior Inspection
  3. Blower Door Testing
  4. Combustion Safety Testing

For more info on our BPI Classes and Testing click the links below or class locations on the link to register now.

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BPI Re-Certification Testing
Online BPI Field Training
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