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Veterans Grants for BPI Written &
Field Exams and Testing

GI Bill Benefits for BPI Testing;

The regional Veterans Affairs bureau has approved BPI testing and certification for GI Bill reimbursement. Below is an overview of the process. Typically $900 of the cost of each class is testing and therefore reimbursable thru the Veterans Administration.

  1. Register and complete your BPI training and testing. This benefit is a reimbursement so you must first pass the BPI certification exams in the designations you desire. You can register for your EnergyScore® BPI training classes here or below if you are just testing.
  2. Submit your application to BPI for reimbursement.
  3. Register with BPI so they can help track your reimbursement. You can do that here.

BPI Re-Certification or Certification Testing

Note pricing is per each test. For multiple tests change the quantity. Multiple field tests are discounted. Written & Field Exams at class locations shown here or your location for groups. Email us or call 302-602-1987 with questions.